APS: Dedicated to making adaptive athletes strong, fit and complete.

Adaptive Performance Systems was born out of a shared vision among people who are passionate about maximizing the strength, health, and function of adaptive athletes - for a superior return to mobility and overall physical wellness.

Team Members

  • George Lara
    APS Focus Group Athlete

    George is an APS Focus Group member having started the online training program on August 10th 2014. George had an accident on December 4th 2013 and underwent four surgeries that left him with a badly fused right ankle and with a very limited lifestyle.

    George became an elective amputee (RBK) on March 17th 2014. After following the APS three day per week online program, in less than six months, he regained all the physical fitness that he lost plus much more. His recovery time from the five surgeries and fighting a bone infection left him a physical mess initially losing 37lbs. of muscle mass due to the bone infection and then adding 40lbs. due to limited activity levels.

    Today he is stronger and more flexible than ever before, living life on his terms. Prior to his accident he was a very active middle-aged executive that traveled extensively for work, worked out and ran to stay in physical shape. In his spare time he coaches baseball at Bonita Vista High School.

    “Change is Inevitable, Growth is a Choice”

  • Capt. Matt Lampert, USMC Special Operations Command
    APS Focus Group Athlete

    Capt Matt Lampert, USMC Special Operations Command, was instrumental in helping Ty design effective strength & conditioning programs for bilateral above knee amputees. While Matt was living in San Diego, Ty worked with him on Camp Pendleton and at CrossFit 760 in Carlsbad to test and refine exercise selection, movement mechanics, and cardiovascular output, resulting in a high-return fitness program for above knee athletes. Ty is humbled and honored to have worked with Matt and misses their Sunday morning runs together on Camp Pendleton.

    To see Matt's story, click here

  • Chappie Hunter, CF-L1
    APS Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Born in 1972, Chappie is a San Diego native and a 21 year veteran of the San Diego Police Department. During these years he worked as a uniformed patrol officer while holding colateral duties in Field Training, SWAT Team and SWAT Sniper Team. In 2007, Chappie was promoted to Detective and currently works in our Investigations Bureau.

    In 2009, Chappie began his study of CrossFit and in 2013 became a CrossFit Level I trainer, opening a personal gym inside his garage. He started small by training his wife, Arlene, and her two friends. Within eight months he had fifteen clients.

    On Father’s Day 2013, Chappie was riding his motorcycle home from a CrossFit style competition. One mile from his house a young driver of a car turned directly in front of his path. A split second later his life changed forever...he instantly lost his leg below the knee. Just twenty-one days after the accident, he was back doing CrossFit on one leg. Since then, he has trained relentlessly and adapted to all the movements of CrossFit with and without the use of his prosthetic.

    He could not have accomplished this without the support of his family, the CrossFit community and most assertedly the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Therefore, he has dedicated his gym to Adaptive Athletes whom he considers to be nothing less than warriors.

    At his gym, Alpine Ranch CrossFit, regardless of any ailment, you are not disabled or handicap. You are an ATHLETE overcoming a setback and a champion in our hearts and mind. Adaptive athletes provide the next level of inspiration to everyone around them and we hope you as well.

    As the owner and lead coach at Alpine Ranch CrossFit and an APS Strength & Conditioning Coach, Chappie is dedicated to providing the best training to each person’s individual fitness level. You will never be forced to go beyond your limits. However, you can rest assure, he will push you to your limits. Are you ready to get after it?

    See Chappie in Action Here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMJ--gUK4Xw

  • Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT, CSCS, FMS
    Movement-RX Founder & Team APS Mobility Partner

    Theresa Larson received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Saint Augustine in San Diego California. She is a former Marine Corps Engineer Officer and Combat Veteran. Theresa played professional softball in Italy as well as semi-professional softball in the United States, was an All- American Division I softball player at Villanova University, as well as a former Body-for-Life Champion.

    In addition to being part of the staff at MobilityWOD and an instructor for CrossFit Mobility courses, Dr. Larson’s activities include crossfitting, snowboarding, yoga, working with adaptive athletes, and writing for The Lab as well as other informational outlets. She has guest coached the special warfare students at CrossFit University of San Diego and is a regular CrossFit coach for the wounded warriors in Balboa Naval Hospital’s program. She is CSCS, CrossFit Level 1, Mobility, Olympic Lifting, and Functional Movement Screen certified. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, specifically the Orthopedic and Federal sections.

    Aside from her practice, Dr. Larson is a huge advocate for Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness, Team Red White and Blue, Service Women Action Network, and the National Eating Disorder Association. She is also an advocate of the Resiliency Project which was started by Marc Pro™ and Dr. Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD. This project was created to help our nation’s wounded and tactical athletes get the recovery tools they need to be as high functioning as possible. Dr. Larson works with many levels of wounded athlete as well as tactical athlete and is fortunate to be able to offer more recovery options than she ever had the opportunity to in a traditional physical therapy practice!

    Theresa has a hunger to learn and a desire to help individuals who want to help themselves. Theresa is mentored by Gary Gray, PT who started the revolution of applied functional science, as well as Dr. Kelly Starrett, founder of San Francisco Crossfit and MobilityWOD with his wife Juliet Starrett.

    Theresa’s mission is to help you “beyond the clinic walls” in your element to achieve your performance goals and tackle the “why” behind your bodies movement inefficiencies!

  • Marissa McGuirk, MS, CSCS, CIFT, FMSC, CF-L2, CF Kids
    APS Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Marissa knew from a very young age that nutrition and exercise were going to be the foundations of her career. In 2010 she graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's of Science and in 2012 she earned her Master's degree in Kinesiology from Georgia Southern University.

    Her athletic history includes Division III Collegiate basketball, bodybuilding, and marathon running. However, in the summer of 2012 she tried CrossFit for the first time and immediately was hooked. She instantly fell in love with the intensity and diversity of the workouts and in 2013 became a CrossFit Level I Trainer.

    In 2014 she watched the Working Wounded games and after just one workout she knew amputees and wheelchair athletes were the population she wanted to work with most. She decided to spend time in a prosthetic facility to learn how prosthetics are manufactured and how a prosthetic is tailored and personalized to each individuals situation and life and athletic goals. In 2015 she moved from Upstate New York to San Diego to specifically focus on working with Adaptive Athletes in the strength and conditioning field.

    Although she has professional experience in many realms of the fitness world, starting with personal training and group exercise, and progressing to collegiate strength and conditioning, sport coaching, and tactical training, what she enjoys most is the creativity required when working with Adaptive Athletes and the passion and drive those athletes bring to the training sessions day after day.

    In addition to working with Adaptive Athletes at APS, she is the Director of Programs at Fathom CrossFit, and coaches Adaptive Athletes and wounded warriors from Balboa Hospital and Team RWB.

    Her goal as a coach is to encourage a life-long commitment to healthy living and exercise, to change an “I can’t” mindset to an “I will”, and to inspire everyone, adaptive or not, to never give up.

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