Matt Lampert

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

After a few years of trying to exercise on my own in a consistent fashion I was displeased with my level of fitness and the number of times I was exercising. As an adaptive athlete there is always an extra layer of excuses not to complete a workout or to push yourself. I fell into that trap and my strength level and self confidence suffered as a result. A coaching mentor recommended I start with APS citing their focus on understanding and working through individual limitations.

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

For years I believed that there was little that a bilateral above the knee amputee could do productively in a strength training type setting. Swimming, biking and running were not cutting it. Ty and I spent weeks experimenting and adapting exercises and workouts to fit my set of challenges. The results have been great. Joint health, strength and range of motion have all improved in my shoulders, back and core. Additionally, thanks to the focus and knowledge of APS staff I have a body of workouts that I can execute in any setting so I can maintain fitness while traveling or in a variety of facilities.

What do you like best about our program/coaching?

The workouts and coaching generated by APS are not feel good, soft exercises. Ty and his staff demand a certain standard and they show you how to achieve it. At first this did not sit well with me but later I felt liberated when I could be held accountable to tough physical standards. Too many other coaches ease off when they see you struggling. That is not the answer and APS knows it.

To be clear the folks at APS know exactly when you are quitting mentally and when you have reached a physical limitation. Their ability to assist in driving through the extra mental barriers that adaptive athletes face is the key to their success. Life and circumstances may have deal adaptive athletes extra burdens to bear but the strength and confidence that APS coaches build up helps you to bear them.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

The confidence, strength and overall health that comes along with those attributes are waiting for you. Take the first step and get in contact with APS in order to get the training, coaching and mentoring to keep you active, strong and confident. The conditions that led to us becoming adaptive athletes do not relieve us of our responsibility to be active, healthy spouses, parents and citizens of our community. Join and see for yourself.

Capt. Matt Lampert, USMC Special Operations Command

Travis Ricks

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

I had heard a lot of good things about Ty and what he was doing in the amputee community. For years I had been looking for a program that could understand my limitations as an amputee and APS has blown me away with their knowledge and their out of the box thinking when it comes to adaptive strength training.

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

After 3 months of hard work, I lost 25 lbs and am finally getting close to where I need to be athletically. Not only did I find a simple, yet effective diet program through APS, I also found my core again!


What do you like best about our program/coaching?

Working with Ty has given me new motivation to not only live a healthier lifestyle, but to also focus on what my body "can" do. His workouts are individually tailored to me and are designed to maximize my sport specific performance while targeting my weakest areas of performance. He listens to my needs as an athlete and an amputee and designs my workouts accordingly. I love the simplicity of the program. No crazy workouts, just back to the core fundamentals that help strengthen every other exercise we do. After being an athlete my entire life, I was shocked how many workouts I was actually doing improperly.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

Give APS a shot, they will help you achieve whatever your personal goals are and they will do it without judgement of where you’re at or what your limitations are.

Travis Ricks, Challenged Athletes Foundation Program Manager, US Paralympic Men's Seated Volleyball

Mike Braxton

“In just 2 months, I surpassed what I did in 8 months of physical therapy. Even though my accident wasn’t that long ago, I definitely feel like I’m better than back to normal...better than I was before the accident. So I can’t wait to see how far this takes me.”

“Even after the first 4 week program, I already felt a big difference. Whether I was walking upstairs, downstairs, uphill or downhill, the focus on stabilizer muscles, mobility work, and proper technique made a huge impact - I feel like I had improved 100%. I worked my first full detail (6 hours) in uniform since the accident and I felt great”

Mike Braxton Detective

Left Below Knee Amputee

Kelly Bailey

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

After attending a para-bobsled camp at Lake Placid and getting invited back for more training, I wanted to work with a strength and conditioning coach who has experience programming for amputees. I found Ty through Peter Harsch (whom I met at an amputee running clinic at the Nike Headquarter in Oregon).

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

In addition to an increase in individual lifts like the deadlift, I have seen a big increase in my overall stability in all movements. The most shocking has been the muscle growth in my hamstring on my amputated side. I might need to get a new socket because the exercises Ty programs hits your weaknesses and the areas amputees typically avoid. I am excited to see my gains over the next training cycles because I am feeling very confident in the big lifts from focusing on building a good base.


What do you like best about our program/coaching?

I like that Ty has challenged me to do exercises I have never done and to improve my techniques on others that I have experience with. The feedback on my videos of lifts have greatly helped me improve. Ty is also a cool guy to talk to during end of cycle Google Hangouts.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

I am not aware of another program that is so targeted at addressing the weaknesses of amputees. Other programs I have looked at work with “adaptive athletes”, but most just modify the exercise without addressing the inherent muscular imbalances, mobility issues, and improper movement patterns of amputees. Without building that base of strength and addresses the weaknesses, the athlete will hit plateaus or get injured. Ty’s program will make you a better athlete and better at moving strongly and confidently throughout your day to day life.

Kelly Bailey, USA Paralympic Powerlifting Athlete

Roy Perkins

“Ty's program led to immediate results in my swimming performance, and knowing that he will provide the best possible training framework will go a long way both physically and mentally towards success in the 2016 Paralympic Games. Since beginning my customized program, I’ve broken seven American records.”

Roy Perkins Ten-Time Medalist US Paralympic Swim Team

George Lara

“I don’t think about my limitations anymore…I think about just living my life. I have the confidence to live my life without thinking about my leg.” “With APS, I’ve been given the tools to exploit my body to its fullest potential. I feel that I can do anything at any time now to the point where I’m walking up the stairs and my mind says ‘go fast’ and all of a sudden I’m sprinting up stairs!

“What makes the program different is its built on progressions - every movement builds upon a previous movement that was learned, executed and then perfected. That has not only given me strength and mental toughness but the confidence in my mind to be able to do anything. If I wanted to do box jumps, sprint or just go and live my life without worrying about my leg I’m able to do that.” “With the mobility portion of the program, I don’t have any soreness...I feel allows me to get up and go!”

George Lara Sales/Operations Executive Right Below-Knee Amputee