One way to improve the position of your prosthetic while deadlifting is to work on the transition of the barbell from above the knee to below the knee, and then to the floor.

We notice a tendency with novice and advanced below-knee lifters to raise their hip too high in the set-up, which increases the distance between their hips and the bar. The shorter the distance between your hips and the bar, the easier it is to lift the weight. If your hips are too low, however your deadlift will resemble a squat, putting too much stress on your quads and knees.

This tendency is generally the result of an adaptive athlete’s discomfort with pushing the knee forward on their prosthetic side as the bar transitions to the floor.

To increase the athlete’s confidence in their ability to balance (and drive through) the prosthetic side with the knee pushed forward, we use the drill shown in this video – filmed at Challenged Athletes Foundation with our partners Movement-RX.

If the deadlift is a movement you struggle to execute with proper form, this drill can help you dial it in.