If you want to develop well-balanced, high-performance hips, you must train the smaller muscles in your glutes, especially the ones that rotate the hip outward (abductors).

One way to target these muscles is to wrap a tight band just below (or above) your knees, get into a 1/4 squat, and side step out – often called a ‘Lateral Band Walk.’

This exercise strengthens the abductors and helps our athletes learn how to turn on their glutes when performing squats, deadlifts and other lower body movements.

If you ’screw your feet into the floor’ prior to squatting, a habit that band walks reinforce, you will put your hips and knees in a safer, more powerful position and generate more force out of the bottom.

Since band walks prepare the hips to better handle challenging loads, we generally include it as accessory work in our online & customized programs prior to heavy strength training cycles.

We also prescribe a heavy dose of them for amputees who have weaknesses through the glutes, hips, lower back and hamstrings.

Performing 2 sets of 10-15 reps per leg a couple of times a week will go a long way toward making these bad boys strong, stable and more functional.